1891 Census As at Night of Sunday 5 April 1891


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Civil Parish: Ecclst. Parish: Municipal Borough: Municipal Ward: Rural Sanitory District: Parliament. Division: Hamlet:
Avening Avening Tetbury   Stroud Stroud Mid Glos. Washpound

Name of house

Inhabitied? No. Of Rooms

If less than 5

Name and Surname of each Person: Relation to

Head of family:



Age last


Profession/Occupation Employer Employed Where Born State of


38 Avening Court 1   John Pain Head Married 35 Agric. Labourer   x Glos: Avening  
        Cecilia Pain Wife married 33       ditto  
        Kate A Pain Daur Single 8       ditto  
        Charles B Pain Son Single 2       ditto  
39 Avening Court 1   William Sparrow Head Married 27 Agric. Labourer   x Glos: Cherington  
        Martha E Sparrow Wife Married 29       Glos: Harnhill  
    2 Unocc                    
40 Avening 1 4 William Cox Head Married 42 Agric. Labourer   x Glos: Old Sodbury  
  Old Hill     Mary J Cox Wife Married 43       ditto  
        Lizzie Cox Daur Single 15 Cloth Factory Hand   x Glos: Avening  
        Willie Cox Son Single 11 Scholar     ditto  
        Francis J Cox Son Single 7 Scholar     ditto  
41 Old Hill 1   Thomas Bowley Head Married 31 Agric. Labourer   x Glos: Frampton Mansell  
        Mary J Bowley Wife Married 27       Glos: Avening  
        Theresa Bowley Daur Single 8 Scholar     ditto  
        Lucy Bowley Daur Single 5 Scholar     ditto  
        Rose Bowley Daur Single 5 Scholar     ditto  
        Agnes Bowley Daur Single 4 Scholar     ditto  
        Frederick Bowley Son Single 1       ditto  
        Joseph Bowley Son Single 7m       ditto  
42 Old Hill 1   Matthew Ind Head Married 28 Cloth Factory Hand   x Glos: Avening  
        Anna Ind Wife Married 24       Glos: Hampton  
        Tom W Ind Son Single 7 Scholar     Glos: Avening  
        Edwin P Ind Son Single 5 Scholar     ditto  
        Ellen M Ind Daur Single 4 Scholar     ditto  
        Herbert J Ind Son Single 2       ditto  
        Fanny Ludlow Moth-i-L Widow 66 Parish Releif     ditto  
43 Old Hill 1 2 Richard Gleed Head Married 57 Agric. Labourer   x Glos: Avening  
        Millicent Gleed Wife Married 53       ditto  
        Ann Lucas Aunt Widow 87 Parish Releif     ditto