1891 Census As at Night of Sunday 5 April 1891


Piece: RG12/2028 Folio:


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Civil Parish: Ecclst. Parish: Municipal Borough: Municipal Ward: Rural Sanitory District: Parliament. Division: Village:
Avening Avening Tetbury   Stroud Stroud Mid Glos. Avening

Name of house

Inhabitied? No. Of Rooms

If less than 5

Name and Surname of each Person: Relation to

Head of family:



Age last


Profession/Occupation Employer Employed Where Born State of


63 Post Office 1   Charles Essex Head Married 58 Sub Postmaster x   Glos: Avening  
        Elizabeth Essex Wife Married 57       ditto  
64 Post Office Row 1   Ann Cox Head Widow 68 Dressmaker x   Wilts: Trowbridge  
        Ellen Cox Daur Single 34 Dressmaker x   Glos: Avening  
65 Post Office Row 1   Wm.May Head Widower 75 Stone Tiler/Plasterer x   Glos: Avening  
        Harriett May Daur Single 40       ditto  
66 High Street 1   Mary Singleton Head Widow 64 Nurse   x Glos: Avening  
        Alfred Singleton Son Single 35 Woollen Cloth Mill Hand   x ditto  
        James Singleton Son Single 31 Plasterer x   ditto  
        Mary Fry Step Daur Widow 57 Dressmaker   x ditto  
        Wallace Singleton G/Son Single 8 Scholar     ditto  
67 High Street 1   Richard Kirby Head Widower 92 Parish Releif     Glos: Bisley  
        Mary Whiting Daur Widow 58 Woollen Cloth Worker   x Glos: Avening  
68 High Street 1   Thomas Pegler Head Married 61 Gardener   x Glos: Westonbirt  
        Harriett Pegler Wife Married 55       Glos: Avening  
        Annie Hart Step Daur Single 28 Woollen Cloth Worker   x ditto  
69 High Street 1   Ann Tilling Head Widow 78 Parish Releif     Glos: Avening  
70 High Street 1   Benjamin Smith Head Widower 62 Road Labourer   x Glos: Avening  
        Millicent Bridgeman Daur Married 22       ditto  
        Rawley Bridgeman Son-i-Law Married 29 Assistant Miller   x ditto  
        William J Bridgeman G/Son Single 1       ditto  
71 Upper Mill 1   Harry Bridgeman Head Married 52 Miller   x Wilts: Little Somerford  
        Laura Bridgeman Wife Married 22       Wilts: Malmesbury  
        Joe Bridgeman Son Single 22 General Labourer   x ditto  
        Arthur Bridgeman Son Single 15 Agric. Labourer   x Glos: Avening  
        Walter Goodfield Stepson Single 4       ditto  
72 Near The Cross 1   Eli Underhill Head Married 30 Shoemaker   x Glos: Tetbury  
        Sarah Ann Underhill Wife Married 29       ditto  
        Emily Annie Underhill Daur Single 4 Scholar     Glos: Avening  
        Elsie Ethel Underhill Daur Single 2       ditto  
        Hubert Gladstone Underhill Son Single 5m       ditto